Well y’all. The school year started awhile ago and here is my first paper of the year 🙂 MySistersHouseAsIRememberIt

Here is the paper I wrote today: TheBenefitsofKangenWater As you will see, it is only a page long.

A couple weeks ago I wrote about the time that Daddy scared Jacob and me when we were really little. This story is a classic favorite in our family. AMemoirTheDaddyBear

I am almost finished my paper, John Knox: Scottish Reformer. I have a few more revisions to make, though. Here’s the link:  John Knox: Scottish Reformer  Comment to let me know if, when you’re reading it, you come across any revisions that should be made. I welcome advise! 🙂

Here are two outlines for memorizing music that I came across. They give the basics. MemorizingMusic (1)

1/27/15 (Wow! I really can’t believe that it is 2015 already!)

I am working right now in school on writing a paper about John Knox. I didn’t know that so little was known about his childhood. They don’t even know his mother’s name or the day he was born, just the year… When I’m finished I’ll post it up here.


Here is an imaginary letter I wrote to my imaginary Cousin Yulianna. GreetingstoYuliana (1)
And here is a paper I wrote about presenting the Gospel to homosexuals.  PresentingtheGospeltoHomosexuals


Here is my paper, The Roman Catacombs: (1) TheRomanCatacombs (1) 
Also, here is its bibliography: BibliographyforTheRomanCatacombs


Sorry I didn’t put this up sooner, but here is a link to a video of me doing my oral report at co-op at the beginning of May. It is about the Roman Catacombs. I know! I need to work on looking up at the audience.


I just finished writing a story about treating others as you yourself would like to be treated. I was inspired partly by some Ukrainian children a couple I know just adopted. The children, two sisters and their brother, are very sweet. They speak Russian and Ukrainian, though, so I have been learning how to say and spell things, like my name: Кристи. So here is the link to it. Enjoy! It was hard work…

TreatingOthersasYouWouldbeTreated (2)


A summary of a visit to the Victorian Nutcracker last Christmas: