Drawing, painting, reading, and making music
are some of my favorite things to do in my spare time.
For drawing, I especially like still-life.
I also play the piano, the violin, and I love to sing.        

I have been taking piano and violin lessons from Michael and Agnes for 3 weeks now. Tomorrow will be 4. I really enjoy them. I am doing “Swan Lake” (again), “Minuet” (by Georg Böhm), and “Bagatelle” in piano. I think this was my last week with “Swan Lake” though. I am working on “Lightly Row” in violin and this week I had to go over “Song of the Wind” too, which is the next song. I had thought that maybe it would be hard for me to practice at the very least a half an hour a day (except Sunday) per instrument, but it actually isn’t that bad….yet! 🙂 I enjoy practice time. Nobody is allowed to bother me!


So I was over at the Giuliani’s with my siblings yesterday evening and found out that I’ll be starting music lessons next Wednesday! Ever since we moved I’ve really been looking forward to resuming lessons. I am super excited!! 🙂


Guess what! Now that we’ve moved to South Carolina I will be able to have a violin teacher!! I am super excited! Actually, her husband will be my piano teacher too. Michael and Agnes Giuliani are very nice and we go to the same church too, which is pretty neat. Not too long ago they started a music conservatory: Lowcountry Conservatory of Music. I’m not sure when I’ll start lessons, due to some technical difficulties, but I’m sure it won’t be too long :). Below is a picture of Michael and Agnes. Also here is a link to the Lowcountry Conservatory of Music:


When we were at their house for supper last Friday night, Michael asked me to play for him. Gladly I had thought to bring my Getty books so I could play something I know. As I was playing “In Christ Alone” he was shaking my wrists to see if they were loose enough because Mama told him about how I have tendonitis in both of them. They were loose because that is something that Mrs. Patterson really worked with me on. After I finished, he asked me if I play by ear. I said I’d never really tried. So he told me to start that song over. When I’d played like the first line, he closed it and told me to keep playing. I did, because I really know that song. After I was halfway through he stuck a piece of music in front of me that had 6 sharps and asked me to play it!! Now, understand that there was a song by Casting Crowns that I came across a couple weeks ago with 5 sharps. I printed it off, and have looked over it many times, but still haven’t played it through because it looks so complicated it scares me. I had never seen a song that I would play, or even considered playing, with 6 sharps until then. So after studying it for quite a while I asked a couple questions and attempted to play it. I did horribly. After, I think, 2 lines it changed to 2 sharps, which is a breeze, but he had me stop. That was quite the experience, I must say! Maybe I should try to learn “Who Am I” by Casting Crowns! That one only has 5 sharps… 🙂


Check out my post about Carnegie Hall under “Recent Posts”. I got to go see the Getty’s at Carnegie Hall for their Joy, an Irish Christmas tour. It was awesome!! 😀 There are also some pictures that I did not take.

2/18/14 (My birthday!)

Sochi Swan Lake Ballet






I picked up on the fact that at the end of the Opening Ceremony for the 2014 Sochi Olympics they did Swan Lake. That was really cool because I was already starting to learn that piece by then. Above is a picture of the dancers.



In piano, I am currently working on learning Swan Lake as well as Toccata in G Minor. I am really enjoying Swan Lake… Mrs. Patterson is my new piano teacher! I am especially enjoying taking lessons from her. She is quite strict, but at the same time, very patient, which I am thankful for. I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher! 🙂