Drawing, painting, reading, and making music are some of my favorite things to do in my spare time.

For drawing, I especially like still-life.

I also play the piano, the violin, and I love to sing.


Titus and I went to the library today for a teen art program: doodling on steroids. You weren’t supposed to think about what you were doing. I did a lot of things with my “masterpiece” like, finger painting, drawing pencils, colored pencils, sharpies, crayola markers, stamping with my fingers, etc… It was tons of fun! I could only scan a little of it, but here is part of it!









I have finally finished painting the picture! It didn’t come out as well as I had hoped, but maybe I’ll do better next time. 🙂 I finished it on the 18th, the day before our trip to TX. I think that maybe it has a little too much pink in it…









Last Friday, I picked up another picture to paint at Goodwill. I will post a picture of it before and after I paint it. Here is before:

teddy bears in a crib









Here is one of my first paintings:

lady with parasol









(11-27-13) (There were already lines that I painted over. This is a famous painting by Claude Monet that I redid)

My Aunt Jill got me the kit to do this painting in 2012, but I kept putting it off because I was scared that I would ruin it. But once I started, it was really lots of fun!