Music Artists I Love

Music is something that is an essential part of my life. I love making music, whether with the piano, violin, ukulele, or guitar, there is something about playing an instrument or singing that it very soothing. Not only do I love playing instruments, I also love listening to music. Here I tell about a few artists I love to listen to and share a few YouTube videos. (I claim no rights to any videos or pictures!)

I must say that I love listening to the Getty’s. They are my all time favorite artists. I think their modern hymns are amazing. I love every single one, but I think my top three might be: “Compassion Hymn”, “Lift High the Name of Jesus”, and “My Worth is Not in What I Own”, though not necessarily in that order and they are subject to change at any moment 🙂 If you haven’t already, you should check out their website: I really like their fiddler, Deborah Klemme. The Getty’s have tons of great music and a really neat calendar that is on sale right now. I got the calendar and really enjoy it. Kristyn’s dad, Gilbert Lennox, is a photographer and he took all the pictures in the calendar and they are all of the Getty’s homeland, Ireland. With each picture is part of a verse of one of their songs.

Keith and Kristyn Getty










I also like to listen to Laura Story. I believe my favorite songs of her’s are: “God of Every Story”, “Blessings”, and “Grace”. Here is a link to her website:  Unlike the Getty’s, I have never seen her in concert except for a live online back in January 2015. That really was the most amazing concert ever. It was celebrating 40 years of CCM (Christian Contemporary Music). There were the artists and bands that my parents grew up with like Steve Green, Sandi Patty, Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant, and Petra singing with artists that I listen to like Laura Story, Steven Curtis Chapman, Newsboys, Mark Schulz, and Francesca Battistelli! What was so amazing to me is that these people, brothers and sisters in Christ, could come and sing together because they aren’t competing against each other, but instead working together to spread the Gospel and proclaim Jesus. At one point in the concert, they showed pictures of the artists that couldn’t be there because they had passed away, and to go along with that Amy Grant sang “I Can Only Imagine”. I really like that song too. There were, I believe, 33 artists in all. See how many you recognize in the picture below. Below that one is one of Laura Story.

















I first came across Francesca Battistelli when listening to my now TOP favorite radio station, Positive FM several years ago. I heard her single, “I’m Letting Go”. (I love that song :D) Since then I have listened to every song she has recorded, some more than others, but all of them countless times and I love all of them. A link to her website, francesca music. Want to check out her blog? Here’s another link! honeycomb blogger Since “I’m Letting Go” was the first song of her’s that I heard, I’ll put that video up here, but I have MANY other favorites of her’s, mind you 😉


Ok, I just have to put this song here too. It is called “Unpredictable” by Franny and has changed my life!


There is another artist that I discovered last year on the radio who has quickly become one of my favorites. She is Ellie Holcomb. I love her singing voice. From the first time I heard it, I loved it. It is different. I love all her music, but some of my favorites are: “The Broken Beautiful”, “Night Song”, and “Marvelous Light”. She is one of the easiest for me to sing along with. I also downloaded some of the instrumental versions of her songs so I can sing by myself! You ought to check her out!  The music video for “The Broken Beautiful” is also great.

I do claim rights to this pic! :) It's me and Ellie at a Third Day/Ellie Holcomb concert 3/19/15.
I do claim rights to this pic! 🙂 It’s me and Ellie at a Third Day/Ellie Holcomb concert 3/19/15.