I have a love/hate relationship with March. I love that it is getting warmer and smelling like summer. I can opening the windows without freezing and air the house. But March also brings pollen. Okay. I hate pollen. It turns everything yellow in seconds. I never had to deal with it this bad until we moved to Charleston, but it is bad. So yeah, there is  a drawback to having the windows open because the inside of the house will turn yellow!

The past two years I have gotten my calendar from and each year has different pictures taken by Kristyn Getty’s dad, Gilbert Lennox. He is an amazing photographer! I love March’s photo entitled “Inishowen Sunset” featuring lyric from “The Communion Hymn (Behold the Lamb)”. You can see it and features here.

“I call this photo “Above the fog”. When I set out to capture sunset on that particular day, I wasn’t prepared for encountering a wall of mist that had swept in from the sea. However at that part of the Northern Ireland coast, the road rises steeply towards the summit of Binnevenagh and I kept driving upwards in the hope that eventually I would come out above the fog. I wasn’t disappointed. It has become a kind of symbol for me: rising above the confusion to see the sun.” – Gilbert Lennox