Keith Getty’s birthday

Even though I’m late, I wanted to post about Keith Getty’s birthday. He turned 41 on Tuesday, the 16th of December. Keith and Kristyn Getty are my favorite recording artists ever. They are modern hymn writers. They have three little girls, Eliza. Charlotte, and baby Grace. It is very hard to pick a favorite song, but here are two of my favorite ones, “My Soul Longs for the Lord” which they wrote for the Shepherd’s Conference 2015 and “Jesus, Joy of the Highest Heaven”, a Christmas one to fit the season.

Keith and Kristyn Getty are on their Joy, An Irish Christmas concert tour right now. They were in Columbia, SC last night and I had wanted to go very bad, but I wasn’t able to make it for various reasons. Ricky Skaggs joined them. Here is picture from last night.








Sweet Eliza Joy came onto stage with her parents for the first time on Tuesday night to sing happy birthday to her Daddy. It was so sweet! You can see a video of it here. I also found a picture of a moment in the video. Look at her red Irish hair!










Here is a picture of Keith Getty and his wee girls, Eliza, Grace, and Charlotte. So sweet!! <3









In this collage the first picture is of Keith on the piano. The top right is of Shannon Lambert-Ryan, and the bottom right is Kristyn.










In this picture is Zach White on the left and his wife Maggie White in the middle. (She is the one who inspired me to take up the fiddle! My goal is to dance and play like her, someday.) And Fionán de Barra is a fantastic Irish guitarist and he is on the right.








And this last picture features Shannon Lambert-Ryan dancing with Maggie White, with Kristyn clapping to the side. I LOVE Irish dancing!!! <3











All the pictures here I found on Keith and Kristyn Getty’s Facebook page.