Birthday Time :)

OK, I’m really sorry y’all that I have dropped the ball on the birthdays for the past month. I have been in Maine visiting friends and family. I had a special time and didn’t want to come back. Oh well. So I have gone through the birthdays and there really aren’t many this month. I have decided to mention 5 artists. Tricia Brock, Sandi Patty, Brandon Heath, Korey Cooper, and Lincoln Brewster. I’ll go in order.

First is Tricia Brock. She turned 36 on July 7th. Tricia was the lead vocalist for the band Superchick which broke up in August 2013. I personally love this band and still listen to their music even though they are no longer around. I found this information from their website to be interesting:         **Please note it is from 2008**

Tricia Brock   Lead Vocals


For more information on Tricia Brock and Superchick go to their website!  I can tell you this: She is now a solo singer/songwriter. I am fond of her song, “Enough”. You can watch the music video for it here.

Next is Sandi Patty, a singer my mom likes very much. She turned 59 on July 12. I got to see her along with over 30 other CCM artists in an live concert I watched online. It took place in Nashville; but that was back in January. “Masterpiece” is my favorite song by her. Here is a good video:

Brandon Heath‘s is the third birthday I am recognizing today. He turned 37 back on July 21. I love many of his songs including, but not limited to: Your Love, Jesus in Disguise, I’m Not Who I Was, and No Turning Back. Here is the lyric video for his most recent radio single, “No Turning Back”.

The next birthday is Korey Cooper’s. She turned 43 also on July 21. Korey Cooper is the keyboardist/guitarist/vocals for the Christian rock band, Skillet. My brother, Jacob, likes this band. I don’t know very much about them. I have heard several of their songs. I’d say my favorite probably is “Hero“. I’m not a huge fan of this band, but they’re ok.  Here is a picture of them. Korey is on the left.

Last is Lincoln Brewster. He will turn 44 on Thursday, the 30 of July. His music is ok. The latest radio single from him is “Made New“. I liked that song a lot when I was first hearing it, but if I hear a song too many times, it usually gets old. Here is a picture of Lincoln Brewster.

Have a great week, y’all!! 🙂