Positive FM sold!

I am really sad right now because my favorite radio station broadcast from Freeport, Maine was just sold yesterday. To K-Love. Now I’m not saying that I’m against K-Love, but they are just so big! Positive FM was so little–so REAL! I mean, it only broadcast to two channels. I would wake up at 6 every morning and listen to their entire morning show because I loved it so much. It ended at 9. Now my morning is seems empty. I’m trying to fill it with extra personal devotions since I still wake up at 6. I may have found another station to listen to regularly (because I don’t want to listen to K-Love). It is called The Journey (they to are small) and is broadcast from Virginia, and is sorta as close as I can get to Positive FM, but I know no station can fill the hole is left in my heart. It was also the final link that connected me to beloved Maine. A very dear friend of mine said though that, “[Maybe]¬†God has been slowly cutting all your ties to Maine for a reason. Perhaps–he wants you to loose your hold on Maine and tighten your hold on Him….I would encourage you to pray over this. God will show you–he will direct you.” These words encouraged me very much.

And also, if anybody is wondering, I have an app for my iOS device called Tunein Radio where I can listen to station all over the world.