December 17, 2014 at Carnegie Hall

I was actually able to go see Keith and Kristyn Getty at Carnegie Hall with my BBF, her family, and my brother. It was soooo neat because we’d been dreaming about going to that Christmas concert for like 9 months! It was totally amazing too. They are my favorite artists. If you’ve never heard of them, you should really check them out. Here is a link to their website:¬†¬†Here are some pictures. (I didn’t take them, sadly…But my best friend’s mom took the first 2) Note the huge choir on the 2nd to last one. There was 228 people in it! I would like to be part of it next year… There was also a children’s choir consisting of 21 children.

photophoto (1)Joy and Irish Christmaskeith-and-kristyn-gettyGetty Music at Carnegie Hall Christmas Concert 2014keith-and-kristyn-getty-at-carnegie